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A Floyds Knobs tradition since 1978!

Berry Twist has been family owned and operated from the beginning. Originally founded by two Floyds Knobs families, the Berry Twist has been a neighborhood icon for over 40 years.


When new owners took over the business in 2017, they set a goal to not change things, but enhance the Berry Twist that everyone already knew and loved.

Through the years, many things in Floyds Knobs have changed. In 2011, it was time for Berry Twist to also make some monumental changes. The original location on Scottsville Road was starting to bust at the seams... the building that had started it all could no longer keep up with the public's demand for their favorite treats.

Anyone that had worked in that building will tell you, we miss it as much as you do, but we simply needed "room to grow". Making the move one block away, mid-season, in 2011 was a big step, but one we were willing to take.  A larger building allowed for more staff to accommodate large lines, ball teams, and ultimately a drive-thru.



"Over the years, many enhancements have been made, all while keeping the love of all things Berry Twist alive."


Berry Twist has always offered the youth of Floyds Knobs a first job. For many of our employees, that first teenage job, has then turned into a "by-choice second job" in addition to a "real job". Many of our employees start in high school and we see them grow through college. When an employee graduates college and still wants to work at BT as a second job, it's proof that you will never find a job this special.

Our History

"The friendships I have made from working at Berry Twist are priceless."

​Berry Twist has gained a reputation for having the best sherbet around, with over 24 flavors, three offered daily. We take pride in delivering quality products, exceptional value, and excellent customer service.​



​We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to serving you for many many years to come!

Please check out our Facebook page to keep up to date on our flavors of the day, special promotions, and any big news we have to share. 

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